BIH-910-G03-H - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Scaling up Universal Access for Most at Risk Population in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The first case of HIV was registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1986. By the end of 2009 the country had registered 134 people living with HIV. The goal of the program supported by this grant is to reduce HIV transmission and improve HIV treatment, care and support in the country. This program will target the following groups that have been identified as being at higher risk of becoming infected with HIV: people who inject drugs, men who have sex with men, sex workers and their clients, cross-border migrants, migrant workers, internally displaced persons, refugees and prisoners, as well as the Roma population and youth who are not referred to specifically as target groups in the National HIV Strategy. The activities funded by this grant will build on those funded under the Round 5 grant to help ensure that HIV prevalence remains below 1 percent in the general population – a key outcome under the current national strategy – and to improve quality of life for people living with and affected by HIV.

Principal Recipient

Principal Recipient

United Nations Development Programme, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Multilateral Organization: United Nations Development Program


Most Recent Disbursement

16 Feb 2015

US$ 901,776

Grant Duration

Grant Period

From: 01 Dec 2010

To: 30 Nov 2015




Implementation Period

Implementation Period

Phase 2

Phase II


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Meets expectations

Signed to Date

Total Signed To Date

US$ 30,052,366

Commmited to Date

Total Committed Amount

US$ 28,024,856

Disbursed to Date

Total Amount Disbursed to Date

US$ 26,521,198


Counseling and testing

Programmes for specific groups

Supportive environment

Stigma reduction in all settings


Antiretroviral treatment (ARV) and monitoring


Health Workforce


PLWHA Support

Grant Financial Performance

Grant Performance

A1 - Exceeds expectations
A2 - Meets expectations
B1 - Adequate

Performance Indicators

Indicator Target Actual
Date Period Value Date Period Value
Number of IDUs reached by HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs (Needle and syringe program) 01 Jul 2013 6 3,839 01 Jul 2013 6 4,102
Number of drug users on Opoid Substitution Programme 01 Jul 2013 6 1,320 01 Jul 2013 6 1,076
Number of SWs reached by HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs 01 Jul 2013 6 1,077 01 Jul 2013 6 1,414
Number of MSM reached by HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs 01 Jul 2013 6 1,926 01 Jul 2013 6 1,923
Number of Prisoners reached by HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs 01 Jul 2013 6 1,500 01 Jul 2013 6 1,834
Number of ROMA, migrants and returning refugees reached by HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs 01 Jul 2013 6 8,660 01 Jul 2013 6 8,941
Number of HIV testing and counselling sessions including provision of result provided to MARPS (IDUs, SW and MSM) 01 Jul 2013 6 2,375 01 Jul 2013 6 1,783
Number and percentage of eligible adults and children currently receiving antiretroviral therapy 01 Jul 2013 6 85 01 Jul 2013 6 95
Number of adults and children enrolled in HIV care, who had their TB status assessed and recorded during their last visit 01 Jul 2013 6 N: 87
D: 87
P: 100 %
01 Jul 2013 6 N: 105
D: 109
P: 96.3 %

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