NGA-H-PPF - Nigeria

Scaling up gender sensitive HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support Interventions for Adults and Children in Nigeria

The National HIV Sentinel Survey (NHSS) of 2008 revealed a national HIV prevalence rate of 4.6 percent in Nigeria. This Program will build on the program supported through the 5th Round of Global Fund financing, which supported the provision of comprehensive adult Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) services.Through the Program the gap in access and coverage of HIV services to rural communties will be bridged by the further decentralization of HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support services to the Primary Health Centre (PHC) and community levels, while expanding ART services through establishing 194 new ART sites in secondary health facilities. The goal of this Program is to scale up gender-sensitive HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care and support interventions for adults and children in Nigeria. The Program is a stand-alone single stream of funding (SSF) Round 9 HIV grant and is implemented by 5 Principal Recipients under dual-track financing.

Principal Recipient

Principal Recipient

Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria


Most Recent Disbursement

24 Jul 2015


Grant Duration

Grant Period

From: 01 Jul 2010

To: 31 Dec 2012




Implementation Period

Implementation Period



Most Recent Performance Rating

Meets expectations

Signed to Date

Total Signed To Date

US$ 6,596,481

Commmited to Date

Total Committed Amount

US$ 6,596,481

Disbursed to Date

Total Amount Disbursed to Date

US$ 6,596,481


Counseling and testing

STI diagnosis and treatment

Grant Financial Performance

Grant Performance

A2 - Meets expectations
B1 - Adequate
B2 - Inadequate but potential demonstrated

Performance Indicators

Period covered: 01 Jul 2014 - 01 Jul 2014
Indicator Target Actual
Number of sites providing counseling and testing according to national guidelines (GF supported) 732 638
Number of men and women aged +15 who received an HIV test in the last 12 months and who received results (GF supported) 1,123,360 629,519
Number of people provided with integrated SRH/HIV services 399,492 422,242

Fund Portfolio Manager

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