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The Global Fund supported project on HIV/AIDS

Viet Nam is facing 2 major epidemiological challenges: expansion of HIV epidemic among Most at Risk Populations (MARP) and rapid increase of people living with HIV/AIDS who are in need of care and treatment. The national coverage of HIV harm reduction activities as well as care and treatment including Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART), remains far from sufficient even though these have been expanded during the last few years. In addition to Government and other donor resources, Global Fund’s support will enable Viet Name to address substantial gaps in access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services in 53 to 64 provinces nationwide, through strengthening working partnerships between government and civil society. The current grant is a consolidation of the Round 8 and Round 9 HIV proposal under the Single Stream of Funding. The activities complement achievements of the national HIV/AIDS strategy goals by implementing core priorities, including harm reduction program for injecting drug users (IDUs), condom use promotion for female sex workers (FSW) and men who have sex with men (MSM), and care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). The SSF program supports HIV treatment, care and support services and strengthens the organizational capacity of civil society organizations.

Principal Recipient

Principal Recipient

Viet Nam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control, Ministry of Health of Viet Nam

Government: Other


Most Recent Disbursement

13 Aug 2014

US$ 211,366

Grant Duration

Grant Period

From: 01 Jan 2011

To: 31 Dec 2015




Implementation Period

Implementation Period

Implementation Period - Period 2

Period 2


Most Recent Performance Rating

Exceeds expectations

Signed to Date

Total Signed To Date

US$ 125,594,356

Commmited to Date

Total Committed Amount

US$ 87,398,702

Disbursed to Date

Total Amount Disbursed to Date

US$ 71,461,665

Care and Support

Support for orphans and vulnerable children

Care and support for the chronically ill


Behavioral Change Communication - Community Outreach

Condom Distribution

Counseling and testing



Antiretroviral treatment (ARV) and monitoring


Service delivery

Community Systems Strengthening

Information System


key populations

Opioid substitution therapy

Enabling environment for participation of civil society

Facility-based diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections

Harm Reduction - HIV & drug relapse prevention

CSS: Community based activities and services – delivery, use and quality


Grant Financial Performance

Grant Performance

A1 - Exceeds expectations
A2 - Meets expectations
B1 - Adequate

Performance Indicators

Indicator Target Actual
Date Period Value Date Period Value
Number of adults and children newly enrolled in HIV care who start IPT during the reporting period 31 Dec 2013 6 N:
P: 25 %
31 Dec 2013 6 N:
P: 18 %
Number of infants born to HIV-infected women who receive a virological test for HIV within 2 months of birth 31 Dec 2013 6 N:
P: 40 %
31 Dec 2013 6 N:
P: 54 %
Number of HIV-positive pregnant women who received antiretrovirals to reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission 31 Dec 2013 6 N:
P: 75 %
31 Dec 2013 6 N:
P: 93 %
Number and percentage of pregnant women who have received an HIV test and know their HIV status 31 Dec 2013 6 N:
P: 75 %
31 Dec 2013 6 N:
P: 74 %
Number of adults and children with HIV infection currently receiving antiretroviral therapy 31 Dec 2013 6 34,564 31 Dec 2013 6 36,530
Number of high risk MSMs reached with HIV prevention program (condom promotion) 31 Dec 2013 6 4,959 31 Dec 2013 6 12,588
Number of FSWs reached with HIV prevention program 31 Dec 2013 6 5,010 31 Dec 2013 6 5,362
Number of IDUs receiving Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT) Program 31 Dec 2013 6 6,575 31 Dec 2013 6 5,588
Number of IDUs reached with HIV prevention program (needle/syringe) 31 Dec 2013 6 12,861 31 Dec 2013 6 15,168
Number and percentage of orphaned and vulnerable children aged 0-17 years whose households received free basic external support in caring for the child according to national guidelines 31 Dec 2013 6 600 31 Dec 2013 6 1,063
Number of local CBOs capable of delivering HIV prevention and/or care and support services in 10 CS-focus provinces 31 Dec 2013 6 57 31 Dec 2013 6 76
Percentage of people with risk behaviors (SWs, IDUs, MSM) who have received an HIV test in the past 12 months and know their results 31 Dec 2013 6 N:
P: 45 %
31 Dec 2013 6 N:
P: 32.6 %

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