ZAM-011-G29-H - Zambia

Principal Recipient

Principal Recipient

United Nations Development Programme, Zambia


Most Recent Disbursement

30 Jul 2013

US$ 3,371,754

Grant Duration

Grant Period

From: 01 Sep 2011

To: 31 Oct 2013




Implementation Period

Implementation Period



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Total Signed To Date

US$ 76,028,608

Commmited to Date

Total Committed Amount

US$ 76,028,608

Disbursed to Date

Total Amount Disbursed to Date

US$ 76,028,608




Antiretroviral treatment (ARV) and monitoring


Medical Products, Vaccines and Technology

Information system

Grant Financial Performance

Grant Performance

A2 - Meets expectations
B1 - Adequate
B2 - Inadequate but potential demonstrated

Performance Indicators

Period covered: 01 Mar 2015 - 01 Mar 2015
Indicator Target Actual
Number of HIV -infected pregnant women who received ARV drugs to reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. 35,843 29,195
Number of adults with advanced HIV infection on ART 385,349 477,465
Number of Children aged 0-14 with advanced HIV infection receiving ART 29,496 43,742
Number of ART sites provided with equipments 34 34
Number of community health care workers trained in as adherence supporters in paediatric, PMTCT and adult ART treatment 1,512 529
Percent of health facilities reporting no stock-out lasting more than one week at any time in the last three month for the first line ARV drugs N:
P: 100 %
N: 1
D: 1
P: 100 %
Number of health care workers trained in utilisation of SmartCare including the TB module 144 141
Number of facilities using the national approved data management system (SmartCare) 491 528

Fund Portfolio Manager

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